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Meeting Planners meet The Wallrus

Meeting Planners meet The Wallrus Meeting Planners Social Media Twitter Wall

I am the Walrus… Coo, Coo, Kachoo. Oh wait, this is not an article about the Beatles. I made a mistake. This is an article about the one thing that everyone should do at events but no one knows how to do, even though the most basic forms of the technology are almost 10 years […]

How Meeting Planners can Renew, Refresh, and Fix our Clothes

Meeting planners travel. Travel is messy. Mustard drips, sweaters pull, shoes scuff, and wine gets spilled my friends. Just like we win the game of meeting planning, we win the game of wardrobe malfunctions by being prepared. We all know that when you are on site, you don’t have time to be running over to the local […]

The Google I/O 2015 Keynote is Meeting Planner Heaven

Last week was Google I/O; For those non-techies in my crowd, this is Google’s annual conference where they show off new products and developments. Kinda like what Apple does only better. For people into eventtech, this is a special holiday that comes but once a year and it is gone in the blink of an eye.

11 Ways #EventProfs can Deal with Crazy Email Overload

Email is the *&#^$% bane of the meetings, event, and association industries. I shit you not. It is so bleeping annoying that I used one swear and two implied swears in my opening paragraph. Email is also one of the best business tools out there so get used to it Mary Sunshine, stop complaining, and just […]