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Top Spots for #eventprofs To Find Cheap Electronics

You really want the latest computer gear and hardware. Besides making you look cool-as-heck, the latest and greatest electronics can make your job as an event professional so much easier. There is nothing worse than getting on site and having someone that is using a...

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10 Ways Conference Planners Can Use Google Assistant

Launched back with the first Google Pixel in the old days of 2016 and now available to any Android Phone running Android 6.0 or higher and even on iOS, Google Assistant is one of those things that every conference planner should learn to use because it will make your...

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Keeping Valuables Safe at the Reg Desk

Keeping my crap safe at the registration desk is a never-ending act of trial and error. In some out-of-the-way hotels, I have been known to live on the edge and just leave my stuff under the table, but in some high traffic conference centers, I don't bring any...

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Best Smart Luggage for Event Pros

I REALLY hate the term "smart" when applied to things like luggage. My phone is a "smart" device, so is my laptop, my tablet, and even my watch... Luggage, not so much. But we are stuck with the term so this is the term that we shall use. Sigh. Smart Luggage became a...

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