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Best Smart Luggage for Event Pros

I REALLY hate the term "smart" when applied to things like luggage. My phone is a "smart" device, so is my laptop, my tablet, and even my watch... Luggage, not so much. But we are stuck with the term so this is the term that we shall use. Sigh. Smart Luggage became a...

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Create Easy Conference Time-Lapse Videos

If you are like me and many of our clients, we are always looking for something unique that we can bring to the conference experience that does not feel hokey or out of place and conference time-lapse videos are one of the coolest things an event team can put...

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5 Photo Editing Apps To Make Your Event Photos Shine

Yes. Your conference or event needs a professional photographer. Images are important and your pro can only be in so many places at once and let's face it, any picture is better than no picture when something amazing happens. That is why you should recruit your event...

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