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Conference Event Sponsorship Guide
Cheap Event Registration for Small Associations
Live Streaming Apps and Your Event – A Crash Course
Social Media for Conference Planners – A Checklist
8 Things to Avoid When Engaging Millennials at Meetings

Conference Event Sponsorship Guide

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If money appeared out of thin air, then there wouldn’t be need for sponsorship. Of course, building sponsorships is a reality and part of the business if you routinely host events.

Getting a sponsor isn’t easy especially if you’re a startup; ultimately, there’s going to be more misses than hits when sending out your proposal. Nevertheless, there’s a few tricks to help you acquire corporate sponsorship for events and keep them for the long-term. Read More

Cheap Event Registration for Small Associations

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The Swamp of Event Registration

Wading through the event registration swamp is nasty business. There is quicksand and alligators just waiting to bite or pull the unsuspecting association person under the water at a moment’s notice, taking with them a large chunk of potential revenue.

Instead of mosquitos, conference planners find that they keep getting bitten by per registrant fees, credit card fees, and service fees. You look at some of this stuff and wonder if the registration companies are copying the business model of the airlines.  Read More

Live Streaming Apps and Your Event – A Crash Course


Two of my favorite event peeps - Tess Vismale and John Federico at PCMA in January

Two of my favorite event peeps – Tess Vismale and John Federico at PCMA in January

I had the amazing opportunity to speak at this past January’s Convening Leaders in Vancouver and had a kickin time. I met some awesome people “in the flesh” for the first time (hey GadgetBoy), reunited with old friends, and even got to walk around with a virtual attendee (the kick-ass Will Curran)…

Some of my presentations were spot on spectacular and some were meh but the session that had the most impact, the most pizazz, and the most awesome-sauce for me was the hour-plus I spent onstage with three of the finest, geekiest, amazingest #eventprofs the world has ever seen; Dahlia El Gazzar, Stefania Conti-Vecchi, and Tess Vismale. We spent our session in front of the audience talking event tech the best way we know how – we simply let the audience “Ask Us Anything” and then we answered.

What made this session so special was that the audience was able to get answers to technology questions that have been burning a hole in their brain.  From productivity and registration to mobile apps and cloud storage, we riffed on it all, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It was so much fun that they had to kick us off the stage. Seriously. Kicked. Us. Off. Something about other sessions needing to start and the live stream really had to end…

The session struck a nerve with us because it struck a nerve with the audience… They did not want to leave. The questions kept coming so we kept answering and laughing and having fun. If they hadn’t needed us to get off the darn stage, we probably would have gone on all day and into the night.

After the session, my three heroes and I got to talking and thought it might be a good idea to keep the tech party going across the interwebs. Branch out. See if this thing had legs….It took a bit of time but here we are ready to launch the first of our bi-weekly webinars on event tech called… Wait for it…#AskUsAnything! Our first episode will tackle Live Streaming Apps and your event…

Click here to get the details. I hope you can be there June 1 at 11:00 am EST to ask a question, listen in, or to laugh at us… I don’t mind if you laugh.

Live Streaming Apps for Conferences and Events Webinar

Social Media for Conference Planners – A Checklist

Conference Planners need a social media plan to market their events

Drowning in Social. Yep. I have been there, just like 1000 other conference planners. In fact, I have a conference planning client that is starting to slip beneath the waves just thinking about thinking about the marketing of their conferences in 2016.

Now, it should be said that this client is not new to social media and content marketing. They have been quite successful in the past which has led to some phenomenal growth over the past couple of years. So what could possibly be different? How about just being successful. Being on top is like having an anchor tied to an ankle and it is pulling them under the pristine waters of Dread Lake. Read More

8 Things to Avoid When Engaging Millennials at Meetings

Meeting Seminar Conference Business Collaboration Team Concept

Millennials comprise of a huge chunk of the country’s demographic. This is the audience you should have your sights set on. Here’s the thing: millennials have very peculiar characteristics.

They take notice of the little things. This is why you have to be very careful of your strategy as there are little nuances here and there that may put them off. There are no-no’s that you should take heed of when hosting an event or meeting with mostly millennials in attendance. Read More

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