Being Number One

How’s that working out?

So I just read a press release and this article that Orlando is the number 1 spot among meeting destinations. Congratulations is in order, I have nothing but nice things to say about Orlando for meetings; attendees love it…. Bravo.

This post is actually not about Orlando, it is about being number 1, numero uno, the top dog, the big cheeze, the head honcho.

Being the number 1 at anything is awesome but it has a dark side.

Being number 1 always means that someone is gunning for you, your clock is ticking, people want you to fail, and the competition is just waiting to pounce on your mistakes. Nobody hunts number three…They step over number three to get to number one.

If you find that your event or conference is number 1 in your industry, niche, world, whatever…. all it means is that it is time to shake it up, time to do things radically different, time to change the format…Keep everyone guessing about your next move.

Once you are number 1, people are going to try and copy your concept and they can’t copy what they can’t anticipate. If you stay the same year after year, you will always looking behind you to see what’s coming.

If you are looking behind you, they will catch you.


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