Would You Be Missed

There are all kinds of ways that you can measure success in the meetings world. You can measure social mentions, attendees, registration numbers, cancellations, cupcakes eaten, wine bottles left over,  and on and on and on.

One particular way that I like to spur clients into making their events better is to ask them to measure themselves by using the most simple measurement tool available to humans:

Would You Be Missed

That is it. That is the question. If tomorrow, your event suddenly tipped over and went to a watery grave, would it be missed.

Write your event’s obituary. What would others say about you and what you have accomplished. Would people stand on street corners and mourn your passing with candlelight vigils or would they simply go “meh, they were OK”.

Unless you are sure that your funeral would be the grand party of the century with services held in conference rooms across the country and parades through the halls of whatever industry you call home, I think that you might have some work to do.

Image: heyz26

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