Hurricane Double Shot Weekend – Meeting Planner Music Club

Hurricane Irene is currently headed up the East Coast and by all accounts it could have been much worse that it was, I really believe that they dodged a bullet….. it could have been a total Katrina like situation for many of the urban areas that were in the firing line.

This still does not make it all better for the people that did encounter tragic situations or for our colleagues who have meetings, conferences and events planned for any of the effected areas this week…I was just watching the flooding in Vermont and it looks really bad.

That is why we are having a double-shot weekend here at PlannerWire….

Up First –

To all of those that had hurricane parties, went surfing in the huge waves or thought this was one big adventure… this is for you, a Hurricane themed Music Club, big hair and all.

The Scorpions – Rock You Like a Hurricane

Next Up –

For those of you that are up to your roof in water, sick of all of this and just want everything to get back to normal….

John Fogerty – Who’ll Stop the Rain

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