Using Social Media to Avoid an Event Crisis

I have never doubted that Jimmy Buffett is a smart man, in fact, he is probably one of the smartest people on the planet. Just look at what he used to build an empire… nothing more than the 5 O Clock dream.

He also has some smart people working for him, just look below at this Facebook post from last week.

When you MUST get information to your attendees, only an idiot uses one form of communication. In this case, Team Margaritaville used Local Radio, Satellite Radio, Web…………and SOCIAL MEDIA (Twitter, Facebook).

If some guy peddling bare feet and bikinis is using social media this effectively, how does it make your event look?

Does this rise to the level of a crisis? No… Why?? Because they postponed the start of the show and communicated this delay effectively. This leaves less pandemonium to deal with at the gates (the people who were not listening).

If you think that your attendees are not using social media, I would like you imagine Jimmy Buffett’s demographic and then think of your attendee demographic……..any overlap? Probably

… Enough Said.

Social Media can be used to communicate with attendees
Use all forms of communication

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