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TravelMath is Great Tool for #EventProfs

TravelMath is Great Tool for #EventProfs

Travel adds up in many ways. It can be measured in Dollars, Euros, or Rupees and in other ways like miles, meals, or meetings. All have a cost and all have ramifications that meeting and event planners need to consider for the attendee or budget. When you are first starting the site selection process, most […]

How to Use Technology to Entertain and Engage your Conference Audience

How to Use Technology to Entertain and Engage your Conference Audience

How often do you use your phone for anything other than a phone call, text message or email? Quite often, right? Jump on the tube in the morning and over half the people will be listening to music, playing a game or reading a book on their Kindle app. Most of us can’t make it […]

Meeting Planner Review – The TRIPP LITE Mini Travel Power Strip

You are a meeting planning monster. You kick ass in so many ways that Chuck Norris refuses to enter any hotel where you are staying. You can plan 10 meetings, 9 special events, and still have time to crank out your association’s 15,000 person conference without even breaking a sweat. That is… you can do all […]

Dropbox for Gmail Allows Meeting Planners to Send Huge Files to Anyone

Dropbox has had a Chrome extension for quite some time but recently they made a few improvements that make it even better for all us meeting planners and everyone else in the events industry. We think that this integration is so important that we decided to get off our butts and actually post about it […]

Meeting Planners meet The Wallrus

Meeting Planners meet The Wallrus Meeting Planners Social Media Twitter Wall

I am the Walrus… Coo, Coo, Kachoo. Oh wait, this is not an article about the Beatles. I made a mistake. This is an article about the one thing that everyone should do at events but no one knows how to do, even though the most basic forms of the technology are almost 10 years […]

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