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How To Incorporate Touchable Tech in Your Exhibition Stands

Integrating technology into your exhibition stand design should always be done with imagination and purpose, but why? For DMN, technology has transformed exhibitions in recent years and continues to break new ground every year. Why technology has had such an impact is simple, exhibitions are the perfect playground for technology and business to come together. […]

Top Spots for #eventprofs To Find Cheap Electronics


You really want the latest computer gear and hardware. Besides making you look cool-as-heck, the latest and greatest electronics can make your job as an event professional so much easier. There is nothing worse than getting on site and having someone that is using a laptop that was built in 2007, has 4GB of RAM […]

10 Ways Conference Planners Can Use Google Assistant

Launched back with the first Google Pixel in the old days of 2016 and now available to any Android Phone running Android 6.0 or higher and even on iOS, Google Assistant is one of those things that every conference planner should learn to use because it will make your life easier. For reals people. For […]

Dropbox Smart Sync for Association Teams and Event Planning

Dropbox Smart Sync for Association Teams and Events

This post is for people that are already using Dropbox or those that are looking for a storage solution and want to learn about Dropbox Smart Sync for association teams and event planning. When we last were talking about Dropbox, it was for a nifty Chrome add-on that allows you to send massive files through […]