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Conference Event Sponsorship Guide

If money appeared out of thin air, then there wouldn’t be need for sponsorship. Of course, building sponsorships is a reality and part of the business if you routinely host events. Getting a sponsor isn’t easy especially if you’re a startup; ultimately, there’s going...

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Cheap Event Registration for Small Associations

The Swamp of Event Registration Wading through the event registration swamp is nasty business. There is quicksand and alligators just waiting to bite or pull the unsuspecting association person under the water at a moment's notice, taking with them a large chunk of...

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Insurance for Third Party Meeting Planners

Finding general liability insurance if you are a meeting or event planner can be a royal pain in the ass. No kidding. It sucks on a level Hoover and Dyson cannot even begin to touch. Most regular insurance agents don't want deal with us so they lump rap and heavy...

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TravelMath is Great Tool for #EventProfs

Travel adds up in many ways. It can be measured in Dollars, Euros, or Rupees and in other ways like miles, meals, or meetings. All have a cost and all have ramifications that meeting and event planners need to consider for the attendee or budget. When you are first...

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