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32 Places for Cheap Stock Photos for #EventProfs
Go For Substance Over Style When Shooting Event Video
BusyEvent Mobile – Moving and Shaking in the Event World
Canva – The Event Marketing Graphic Design Tool You Need
Office Lens for Meeting and Event Professionals

32 Places for Cheap Stock Photos for #EventProfs

Stock Photography for Events and Conferences

The Photo Conundrum, here is how it plays out at desks and conference rooms across the association and event world on a daily basis…

It is time to start marketing your event or conference. You need to start updating the website, getting those social media posts ready to roll, and you are warming up the email marketing engine…. And now you need images for all of these internet outposts because you read our post about Canva and you know that images matter.

You open your pictures folder and just like you suspected, the images from last year’s conference still suck. The internet fairies did not sprinkle magic dust and make them better while you sipped margaritas over the summer. You had hoped, but alas… no joy. You wanted to hire a professional photographer but that little witch that controls the budget would not let it happen. “Save some money and lose some money” you had said…”Good one, but still no” she replied. Read More

Go For Substance Over Style When Shooting Event Video


Just a random musing after watching the video below…I have an ongoing, 5 years deep discussion with a client over “at the event” video and the style in which it is presented. You know, all those highlights and interviews that seem to be laying around.

My style is push it out the door and get it posted with minimal editing and post production and her style is to have video that is well produced with pre-roll, intros, and 100 other bells and whistles…. Who is right? Maybe both of us. Maybe we are having the wrong discussion. Maybe the only thing that matters is what the conference or event audience cares about and what they want to see.

Have a look at this video interview that Social Fresh posted a couple of weeks ago while at SXSW. Low production cost, one take, done… But… It would have been just as good if they had gone all fancy schmantsy with titles and credits, post production, chairs, and make-up.

What really matters with this shoot is that the video is interesting to the audience… They have a host person that is engaging and a guest that the audience wants to hear from.

Sometimes style is irrelevant.

BusyEvent Mobile – Moving and Shaking in the Event World


I don’t normally publish press releases because, well, let’s be honest… they are press releases and press releases generally suck.

This one is different cause I know Brian Slawin at BusyEvent as a customer, an online buddy (Facebook and Twitter), and as someone who thinks that they are doing cool stuff for the event community in the mobile app space. I know him well enough to figure that he is probably ready pull his hair out because I have missed so many of our scheduled calls. :-)

It is great to see them grow in this ultracompetitive market and remain cool folks. I hope they keep getting better at what they do! Read More

Canva – The Event Marketing Graphic Design Tool You Need


Canva for Event Marketers

A picture tells a story, see the world in an image, you oughta be in pictures, a picture is worth a thousand words… Blah, blah, blah.

Old sayings, draped in cobwebs, hanging in the attic…. and yet, they are true and stand the test of time. The right image makes the written word come alive, an image can spur a fence-sitter into making a decision, and a well crafted image can increase the connection an association or event marketer has with their members and attendees.

Images matter.

Images are a must have for association and event marketing in the internet age because they capture attention and make people with three second attention spans pause long enough to look a little deeper at what you are trying to tell them. I would venture to say that images are one of the most mission critical things that you can add to your association’s or event’s web content. Read More

Office Lens for Meeting and Event Professionals


I too often find myself beating up on Microsoft. I pick apart Outlook, I make fun of Word. I really have unending disdain for PowerPoint. For these transgressions I am sorry. I am a victim of judging Microsoft for being Microsoft. Truth be told, no matter what any tech-idiot-guru- tells you, there is nothing wrong with Microsoft’s products that could not be fixed by simply taking the word “Microsoft” out of the equation.

Poor little MS is still getting crap from people like me for crap they created 10 years ago. No one noticed that they have left the Vista years behind and have been quietly creating amazing and useful products that are slowly creeping back into fashion. Kinda like Bell Bottoms, Chrysler , and Adidas…

We gave 80’s fashion another try, how about event professionals having a revisit of Microsoft? I gotta tell ya, if you have not tried Microsoft Office lately, you might be surprised to find that it kicks ass on a whole lotta levels. Around here, it is slowly making its way back into vogue with our clients and my office-mates.

A little bit of awesome can also be found in MS’s new iPhone/Android Scanner app called Lens. Evernote users will find it similar to Scannable which we talked about just a few weeks ago.

While Lens is not a game changer that will make Evernote or Google users jump ship, it is one of those small things that make Microsoft Office users confident enough to stay and not look for greener pastures. Meeting and event planners can rest easy knowing that they are not missing out on some amazing feature that the other guys have and they don’t. Basically, if you are working in the Microsoft Ecosystem (meaning you use Word, Outlook, OneNote, etc) Lens is a fine addition to your daily work habits.

BEOs, receipts, floor plans, sketches, whatever… You can use Lens like a visual Hoover to suck up all of that stuff and make it searchable and editable.

Here is a nifty little video they have created to explain it.


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