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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

  A Happy New Year to Everyone! December has been an awesome-crazy-busy month! We look forward to getting back to the posts the first week of 2014. Until then, have a safe, kick ass, New Year! … [Read More...]

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Apps for Meeting Planner Travel

35 Travel Apps for Meeting Planners and Event Pros

Meeting planners and event professionals travel a lot... I know, I was at the airport TWICE yesterday dropping colleagues off. One thing that has made travel a … [Read More...]

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Conference Website Design

One Page Website Design for Events and Conferences

Here is something that I bet you never thought you would hear me say.... Not all events need an app Not all events need a content marketing program Not all … [Read More...]

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Event Planning Social Media

A Sample Social Media Plan for Events

99% of events need a social marketing plan yet very few event planners know  where to start to create one. This infographic from Marketo that contains really useful social marketing tips for event planners of any marketing skill level from novice to … [Read More...]

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Meeting Planner Music Club – Jet Airliner

I am a really happy guy this week. Why you ask? Well! Let me tell you... December and January are busy months for me and my clients. Together, we will be headed from Hartford to Long Beach, Mexico to Virginia, with a whole lotta stops in between. I love my … [Read More...]


An Event App Chat with BigEventApp

In today's episode of the PlannerWire Sporadic Podcast, PlannerWire (Keith) is chatting with (Mike and Carl). Mike and Carl will tell you that their mission is to create buzz-worthy apps, that are clear, highly intuitive and include … [Read More...]

Meeting Planner Halloween

Meeting Planner Music Club – GHXST

Happy Halloween. Tonight is the time for meeting planners and eventprofs everywhere to do some trick or treating, have some good scares, and make dentist appointments. But look out... You are about to see a GHXST.... GHXST (pronounced GHOST) is a dark … [Read More...]

Gmail for Meeting Planners

Gmail Shortcuts to Make Meeting Planners More Efficient

I love Gmail. If you did not know, Gmail is a little email client from a small California company called Google. You may have heard of them..... they do some techie type stuff with that internet thing that is going around....perhaps the interwebs will catch on … [Read More...]