Unrest and Visit Baltimore


My heart goes out to the people of Baltimore. What is happening is tragic. This is one of America’s great cities.

Having spent a good chunk of last summer in Baltimore, I got to know the sites, the sounds, and some of the residents. I have friends there, both personal and professional and it is a city that I love and recommend to clients whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I will be bringing programs to Baltimore in the future, of this I have no doubt. 

I am not here to talk about the issues that caused what is going on. The problems in this country are deeper than one silly blog post could ever cover. What I want to do is stay specific to the industry and give a tip of the hat to the people of Visit Baltimore. I went to their website last night just to see, just to look, and was glad that they took the route of not glossing over what is going on. They said it plain and clear, with no marketing speak. Basically, they said “You need to think twice before coming right now, check with the police”…

While this may be the safe answer, it is also what needed to be said.

Thanks Visit Baltimore for getting your response right and not shoving sugar down our throats. I truly hope that you have a better day today than you had yesterday and know that this corner of the industry is wishing you well.

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