Understanding Managed Travel, With Elliot McNamee

You will be wondering what ‘managed travel’ is and why you need it. In this episode, we are joined by Elliot McNamee, director of product marketing at AmTrav. We discuss what managed travel is and how AmTrav can make life easier when trying to get attendees booked into the right place.

We also talk about AmTrav’s latest product, Gather. Their new tool provides expert help and time-saving services for anyone booking travel for meetings and events.

About our guest…

Elliott’s favorite part of working at AmTrav is working with customers, support teams, and developers. His primary objectives are to make AmTrav’s connected platform work even better for our Travellers, Travel bookers, and Travel Managers. A 10-year veteran of the travel industry, Elliott worked on flight shopping technology at United Airlines before joining AmTrav in 2019.

And some background on AmTrav…

AmTrav makes business travel more productive. We help companies of all sizes achieve a seamless travel experience when booking trips, finding savings, setting travel policies, managing payments, and expenses, and keeping their travelers safe. Business travelers travel arrangers, and travel managers all love AmTrav because our one-connected platform combines thoughtful technology and personal service, with travel experts and relationship managers always ready to help. More than 1,000 businesses use AmTrav to go places, meet people, build meaningful connections, and get the most out of every trip.

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Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston

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