50 Conference Video Editing Tips You Need for Better Event Videos

So, Bob and I are doing a little Plannerwire housekeeping and it is just AMAZING what you will find buried in the virtual attic. This post was floating around in the drafts folder for almost four years but rather than delete it, I decided to dust it off because it is more relevant today than it was when it was first introduced. The growth of hybrid and virtual conferences and events means hours and hours of editing, in many cases, by people who have never had to edit video before.  

This infographic is packed full of cool tips and tricks for better conference videos and video editing.

The graphic itself was produced by the fine folks at TechSmith where they not only have the really cool image, they have backed it up with a nice long post about video editing. I hope that all of a sudden, their old post is getting some clicks from Plannerwire peeps because isn’t that what makes the interwebs so special!

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