Meeting Planner Music Club – Jet Airliner

Photo: xlibber
Photo: xlibber

I am a really happy guy this week. Why you ask? Well! Let me tell you…

December and January are busy months for me and my clients. Together, we will be headed from Hartford to Long Beach, Mexico to Virginia, with a whole lotta stops in between. I love my job, I love to travel, and I love being able to work on some pretty cool meetings with some pretty amazing people.

Give us a follow on Google+ or Facebook as we attempt to practice what we preach and share the adventure through pictures and maybe a video clip or two.

In honor of our upcoming jaunts, we are hitting the way-back machine and featuring one of the best travel songs ever written, Jet Airliner, made famous by Steve Miller, and Written by Paul Pena.

Enjoy and be well people! 

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