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Dropbox Smart Sync for Association Teams and Event Planning

Dropbox Smart Sync for Association Teams and Events

This post is for people that are already using Dropbox or those that are looking for a storage solution and want to learn about Dropbox Smart Sync for association teams and event planning. When we last were talking about Dropbox, it was for a nifty Chrome add-on that allows you to send massive files through […]

What Are the Dominating Tech Trends In Events and Exhibitions?

Exhibitions and other business events provide marketers with a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable face-to-face time with potential customers or business partners, while also allowing those customers to actually experience a brand’s offerings and form a deeper attachment. However, the competition for attention is often fierce. As a result, exhibition design companies and the businesses […]

5 Photo Editing Apps To Make Your Event Photos Shine

Conference Photography Apps

Yes. Your conference or event needs a professional photographer. Images are important and your pro can only be in so many places at once and let’s face it, any picture is better than no picture when something amazing happens. That is why you should recruit your event team to act as amateur Jimmy Olsen’s during […]