Are Your Conference Attendees Pretending

Here is one of the biggest reasons to change up your meeting or conference strategy. People become immune to the message over time, repetition and familiarity are not your friend.

Are you are a fairly regular air traveler? If so, how many times have you listened to the pre-flight safety speech given by the flight attendants? Ten times? Twenty times? One thousand times? Nope.. You probably listened the first time, maybe the second and you have never REALLY listened since. Oh, you may catch a sentence here or a sentence there but you are not really paying attention.

You don’t really care because you have already heard the message and it is not really going to change aircraft to aircraft. The masks all go on the same way and the seat belts click just like every other seat belt.

Instead, you put on your headphones, open a magazine or stare blankly into the distance pretending to be enthralled.

How many of your attendees are just pretending to hear the message?

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