A Slick Evernote Trick for Meeting and Event Planners


The more I explore Evernote the more I love it. There are so many business uses for it and not just for organising projects or staff. I really like the idea that it can be used as an organised information store. Use it for recording interactions with clients, storing important company procedures or sales literature. I am sure you can think of a lot more. 

Here is a trick I worked out to help me use Evernote for when I am on the move.

Each user has a unique and individual email address provided by Evernote. If you have not already discovered yours then check out this knowledge base article, Adding content to Evernote using email. That address can be used to email content to your Evernote notebooks.

Your email address will look something like this, ‘[your username].abc123@m.evernote.com’, which is rather difficult to remember. To send information by email to a chosen notebook, the subject line is used to indicate which one – for example, ‘handy info @info-notebook’. The knowledge based article I mentioned above explains it in full.

My only problem is remembering the full email address, so here is the neat trick. I logged in to my hosting account where I can setup new domains and email address. I created a new address called evernote@…. (fill in your chosen domain). Then, in the section for forwarding, I used the new email address to forward to the Evernote email address. For exact procedures on creating email addresses and forwarding, check with your own hosting/email provider.

The benefits are…

  • I now have an easy to remember email address that I can use to send documents to a chosen Evernote notebook.
  • If I wanted, I could share that with others if I wanted them to send documents or project ideas to my Evernote account.
  • The Evernote email address is hidden, I can use a professional company email address instead. It provides privacy and a better sounding address.

If you are away from any computing device or you want some to send information to you, you can now get them to send direct to your Evernote Notebook. Another use could be for receiving reports from websites or industry newsletters for later sharing.

Evernote is a great product and business tool, leave a comment below on how you use it…

About the Author 

Bob Toovey has been active on the Internet since 1998, a blogger/writer since 2006 and started dabbling with programming when he got his first Sinclair ZX81. He loves to blog about social media, marketing and food. You can find him on LinkedIn and Twitter.
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Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston

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