You are Missing Your Biggest Conference Audience

Here is a scary piece of knowledge that 98% of all event planners ignore….

The audience that does not attend your event, conference or meeting is still an audience. You can still reach them, you can still speak to them and they can have a tremendous impact on how well your event goes.  In fact, the audience that cannot attend is your biggest audience since a meeting or event venue can only hold a finite amount of people.

For this reason alone, it is crucial that you speak to them, use twitter, use facebook or use smoke signals….in fact use them all. By reaching this audience, you are ensuring that your event has every possible hope of succeeding.

When the event is over, you want the outside audience sad that they had to look in. You want them to say things like “I wish I could have been there”, “next year I am going for sure” and most importantly, you want them spreading the word as much as the inside audience.

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