What Do These Events Have in Common


What do the following 4 events have in common?

These events all have one major thing in common. PASSION.

The passion of their attendees is second to none. The people that attend these events would crawl a mile through the mud just to get a glimpse of the door of these conferences, they spread the word and they drink the Kool Aid. In fact, they are not only drinking the Kool Aid, they are quietly slipping it in all of their friends and colleagues cups.. they want everyone to have a big tall glass of conference love.

So, why is your event not like this, what changes do you have to make to get the same response?

The people that attend these events are just people, just like your event. They are not smarter than your attendees and they were not sprinkled with some magic fairy dust that made them love these events… they love these events because these events love them.

Think about this for a minute and then go make some changes.

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