The Unroll Me Effect for Event Marketers

Image: Deposit Photos
Image: Deposit Photos

If you have never heard of Unroll.me, you are in for a treat because your email life is about to get a whole lot freaking easier.

Unroll.me takes all of the newsletters, updates, and marketing emails that you receive and serves them to you in one daily digest that you can scan when you have a minute. The beauty is that you get to pick what gets rolled up and what stays in your inbox.

Unroll.me supports Outlook.com (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud so most of the majors are covered.

I love this product and it has made my inbox much more manageable. Once a morning, I grab my cup-o-joe and scan through. Some days, if I am really busy, I just delete the roll up without ever looking at it……WTF did he just say. Yep, you heard me right Sparky… I just delete it and move on.

That is a huge problem for event marketers.

Unroll.me is designed to keep your inbox clean and unobstructed from distractions so you can concentrate on important things. Event marketers can no longer phone in their email marketing or they will end up shoved into a box and pushed into the attic to be long forgotten.

You must up your game and keep your emails in the inbox by providing great content and interesting email only features. You must be important enough to not be seen as a distraction or you may never be seen at all.

The Dos Equis Commercial says “Stay Thirsty my Friends”… Event Marketers need to hear “Stay Relevant”.

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