Understanding Your Conference Market

I recently read a press release that talks about how the SpringHill Suites by Marriott in Boca Raton is now offering High Definition Hindi TV Channels for its guests.

I would guess that this costs money, I would guess that this is a pain in the ass to implement, I would guess that someone probably had to fight to get this approved, I would guess that someone probably needs to pat that person on the back and say “good job”….

Why? Well, a few reasons.

  • Many of the businesses in the area have employees that stay at the hotel and they are native Hindi speakers. Wow, you just locked up that business because making this effort will not go unnoticed by the companies that you serve or their employees who can now watch a spot of TV in the evening in their own language.
  • Word of Mouth – This Hotel is in Florida, Florida is like a vacation wonderland. These Employees are going to go home to India and say to family and friends “You should stay here, they appreciate our business”.
  • Good free advertising by people like me who are talking about it.

All in all, I just think that it is cool. This hotel is looking at their clients, understanding their needs and doing their best to exceed expectations… There is something to be said for that because no one would have faulted them for doing nothing.

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