Tips For Attracting Millennials Apply to All

TSNN has an article entitled Tips for Attracting Millennials to your Tradeshow. The article is fantastic and you should check it out here.

Dave Lutz, the article’s author makes some really good points, without spoiling the article, here are the 8 tips for marketing to Millennials (in the article, there are tips for each):

1. Millennials distrust marketing and advertising.
2. Millennials expect free content and on demand.
3. Millennials communicate differently than other generations.
4. Millennials have refined and sophisticated food pallets.
5. Millennials demand and expect free WiFi access.
6. Millennials research which exhibitors to visit before they arrive.
7. Millennials expect to be treated as equals to other generations and not discriminated against because of their youth.
8. Millennials are looking for new experiences.

The article gives a rundown on today’s generation and their likes/dislikes, wants/needs, I agree with everything that David says and would actually take it a step further…….

Maybe it is time we abandon the old ways and applied these methods to attract all of our attendees. It is no longer a case of the younger generation learning from the older generation, we now have a society where the older generation is learning from the younger in how to communicate and interact. I have seen Grand Moms on facebook and 70 somethings on twitter.

So, go read Dave’s article and think about how you can apply those marketing tips and ditch the old ways. Let’s get going, the 21st century is here.

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