Scannable for Evernote – an #eventprofs Best Friend


Wow. Do I love me some Evernote for meeting and event peeps. A total replacement for the event binder and your brain. Evernote creates tools that are just brilliant.

For example, how many times have you been standing in the conference office, overseeing a reg desk, or working late in your hotel room and thought “I really wish I had a scanner right now?”. Happens to me all the time. Floorplans, BEOs, receipts, biz cards… you name it, I want to scan it and get rid of the paper because paper is so…. 20th Century.

To solve my scanner dilemma, I got a Doxie. Works great for me and it works great with Evernote… but… you may have more modest needs or may not want to carry one more piece of hardware in your carry-on. If this is the case, Evernote has your back too, as long as you are on iOS.

Introducing their (fairly) new app, Scannable. A magnificent little chunk of software.

To save some time and explanation, I am just going to show you the video.

Rock. On. Evernote.

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