Go For Substance Over Style When Shooting Event Video


Just a random musing after watching the video below…I have an ongoing, 5 years deep discussion with a client over “at the event” video and the style in which it is presented. You know, all those highlights and interviews that seem to be laying around.

My style is push it out the door and get it posted with minimal editing and post production and her style is to have video that is well produced with pre-roll, intros, and 100 other bells and whistles…. Who is right? Maybe both of us. Maybe we are having the wrong discussion. Maybe the only thing that matters is what the conference or event audience cares about and what they want to see.

Have a look at this video interview that Social Fresh posted a couple of weeks ago while at SXSW. Low production cost, one take, done… But… It would have been just as good if they had gone all fancy schmantsy with titles and credits, post production, chairs, and make-up.

What really matters with this shoot is that the video is interesting to the audience… They have a host person that is engaging and a guest that the audience wants to hear from.

Sometimes style is irrelevant.

Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston

Keith is the Managing Partner of i3 Events but is most widely known as the outspoken publisher of the event industry blog PlannerWire. In addition to co-hosting the Bullet List and Event Tech Pull Up Podcasts, he has been featured in Plan Your Meetings, Associations Now, Convene, Event Solutions, and has appeared on the cover of Midwest Meetings Magazine.

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