Evernote for Meeting Planners – Linking Notes

Evernote for Meeting Planners

I know, I know.. Meeting planners are sick of me talking about Evernote. No you say? Awesome because I have another tip that REALLY comes in handy when you are trying to replace that old, crappy, event binder.

Did you know that you can link note to note in Evernote? Pretty cool huh? How is this good for meeting planners that use Evernote? Well, it goes something like this.

  • You might have all of your BEOs in Evernote, you can link them all together so you can move quickly through them.
  • Perhaps you are in event marketing, you can link Sponsor information to the images you took at the event for posting an update later in the year.
  • Maybe you keep all of your speakers biographies in notes, you can now link to the speaker’s presentations, and to the schedule.
  • You might have all of your receipts in Evernote, you can link them to the budget

These examples are pretty basic and there are a million uses for this feature. I will let you dream up how it works for you but here is how it works.

Basically, when you are in a note, simply right click and choose “Copy Note Link”

Evernote for Meeting Planners

Now, when you are in the other note, just right click and choose “paste”. Now you have connected the two notes.¬†

Evernote for meeting planners is a great tool

This is not rocket science, just useful features that make Evernote an even stronger contender to replace your event binder.



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