The Event is Over – What About the Website

Image: Google Developers Conference 2014
Image: Google Developers Conference 2014

So, the last attendee has gone home. Your event is accomplished, achieved, closed, come to an end, concluded, consummated, discharged, dispatched, done with, ended, executed, finalized, fulfilled, over and done, realized, resolved, settled, terminated, through, worked out, wound up, wrapped up…. it was a hit, smashing, successful, super… now what do you do with that damn website.

I would take a page out of the Google I/O (developers conference) playbook and don’t let your website or attendee excitement go to waste.

Be simple. Be Bold. Be creative. But do something. An idle website is a waste of good cyberspace.

We do stuff like this all the time and I can tell you from experience….  the most important step is knowing where you want the journey to end.

Go and check it out.

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