Conference Planners – Never Underestimate the Power of a Logo

If you take a minute to think about an event logo, it ties so many things together and provides consistency to all of your event materials and collateral.

You can put the logo in the event marketing, you use it as decor (gobos), it can be the stage backdrop, you put it on the giveaways, you can stick it on the side of the bus, it can go on the menus and on the boards in the hotel lobby. So many things you can do with a logo…. it can go on the event website, it can be your twitter avatar and be a part of your event’s Facebook page. People will begin to associate the logo and the event. They see the logo, they think event (it is almost Pavlovian).

Should you be a company that would like a little secrecy about who you are at the hotel, signage featuring the logo can help attendees identify where they are supposed to go without putting your company name out there for the world, your competitors or the press to see.

The size or budget of an event does not matter, you can have a logo created for pennies, I have had logos created for all types of events from seven-day conferences to three-hour dinners and everything in between.

Go ahead, try it….. you can actually do it yourself at, this is a service from HP that allows you to make quick, professional logos. Once created, you can download the logo on a variety of formats so that you can put it everywhere….

Should you have any doubts that your event can’t have a logo, have a look at this post for a Fam Trip to Cabo San Lucas. The event organizers understand that even a Fam Trip is big enough for a good logo!

Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston

Keith is the Managing Partner of i3 Events but is most widely known as the outspoken publisher of the event industry blog PlannerWire. In addition to co-hosting the Bullet List and Event Tech Pull Up Podcasts, he has been featured in Plan Your Meetings, Associations Now, Convene, Event Solutions, and has appeared on the cover of Midwest Meetings Magazine.

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