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OK, I am not here to say that meeting planners and event professionals are extra special people, that we are a special breed….. Oh who the heck am I kidding, we are amazing people. 

Most of us, except for the lazy ones, work our asses off 24/7, 365. We wear many hats, we juggle our schedules, our staff’s schedules, as well as our client’s schedules and their whims, all while dealing with our bat-shit crazy vendors that change the game on the day of the event or forget to email us for weeks at a time. We put up with shitty venues, crappy airports, and CVB contacts that can seem like Mussolini on crack.

By hearing this, you might think that I have rolled in on the bitter truck but I am not that cooked yet, I still believe that there are times when the decorator is spot on, the venue is perfect, and the front desk staff kicks ass but let’s be honest, you rarely find anything that goes according to the plan. There is always something that goes wrong and it is up to us as meeting planners to make it right without anyone being the wiser. It is what we do.

In addition to the crazy above, many of us fly a lot of places all over the country and around the globe…..or as my dad used to say “All over Hell’s half acre”….

Although we fly a lot, many of us never make a certain level of status or enjoy the perks of some other frequent travelers. Sometimes we only fly a couple of regional hops a year, sometimes we get close but no cigar, and sometimes it is because we are forced to use multiple airlines throughout the year and by forced, I mean, there is some Wanker with a red pen that hates the fact that you want to go out on United and return on United even though it costs a whole $49.00 more than “Jackass International Airlines” in that other darkly lit, smelly terminal….

Now, just because some of us can’t reach that level of status it doesn’t mean that we don’t want privilege and perks… we want to sip fine cognac, brandy, and champagne while getting manis, pedis, and massages sitting next to Fortune 500 CEOs, Investment Bankers, and A-List Celebrities who laugh at our amusing meeting planning anecdotes. All of this while on our way to our next amazing conference or incentive in Monaco, Paris, or perhaps Bora Bora…

Oh, shit, daydreaming again…. sorry.

What I meant to say is that we can enjoy some of the perks and get access to many airport lounges so that we can finish reviewing the BEOs on halfway decent wifi, we can grab a Diet Coke and catch up on email, or we can chat with a son or daughter who just came home from their first school play that we missed because we are headed to Tacoma (again). Heck, maybe you just need a moments peace before jetting off to that small but really nice third tier city with the amazing CVB rep who makes you laugh for that really cool association meeting that you have spent the last year planning for the one client or boss that has stuck with you through thick and thin, through budget cuts and downsizing……

You know the scene, it is called the real world and you can insert your own version of events.

But how? How can we get into those magically sealed, overly air-conditioned, frosted door having sanctuaries where the gatekeeper asks for your boarding pass, state ID, and secret handshake?

That my friends is actually easy although not always free.

Just use LoungeBuddy, the app that helps you find, and gain access to, hundreds of airport lounges across the globe. No kidding. It is pretty cool shit.


Here is their markety mark marketing description:

LoungeBuddy is the only App that displays airport lounges in the busiest airports around the world. Find your airport oasis – whether you’re a casual traveler flying economy with a long layover, or an elite traveler flying first class.

Airport lounge access rules are complex and amenities, cost, and benefits can vary widely from lounge to lounge. With LoungeBuddy in your hand, we take the guesswork out of finding the right lounge for your needs. Create a trip, tell us about any elite statuses, memberships, or travel cards you may have and we do the rest.

Want to know what’s behind those frosted glass doors before paying for entry? Browse lounges in an airport and view photos, amenities, and reviews from other LoungeBuddy travelers. A better travel experience awaits – use LoungeBuddy to find it!

And the Features (from the Apple App Store):

  • Lounge Access Wizard – Tell us about your trip, class of service, and any elite status, memberships, or credit cards you may have and we tell you which lounges you may access for free or a one time fee.
  • Airport coverage around the world – We’ve started with over 60 of the busiest airports in the world (over 700 lounges) and will be adding more on a regular basis.
  • Filter by amenities – Find the right lounge for your needs at the right time.
  • Airport lounge information all in one place – View hours, location, ratings, reviews, photos, amenities, access requirements, and guest privileges for each lounge.
  • With LoungeBuddy, you’re an instant VIP – Share your photos, ratings, and reviews of lounges to help other members make the most of their lounge experience.
  • Manage your LoungeBuddy Profile – Set your home airport and manage your status, memberships, photos and reviews.

Now, this app will not bring you happiness, will not stir your coffee, and will not iron your shirts but it might help you find a little sanity on the way to wherever it is that you do what you do best…. oh, and you might even get to sit next to a CEO or two.

Keith Johnston

Keith Johnston

Keith is the Managing Partner of i3 Events but is most widely known as the outspoken publisher of the event industry blog PlannerWire. In addition to co-hosting the Bullet List and Event Tech Pull Up Podcasts, he has been featured in Plan Your Meetings, Associations Now, Convene, Event Solutions, and has appeared on the cover of Midwest Meetings Magazine.

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