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So, what is PlannerWire? PlannerWire is for meeting and event planners and professionals.

PlannerWire helps you cut through the clutter and noise so you can learn about new trends, new destinations, new technologies, and new thinking for meetings and events. It doesn’t matter what type of event you plan or produce… conferences, meetings, incentives…. we dig up the cool stuff that will help you create a better experience for your attendees.

Who is PlannerWire

Originally, we wanted to be a meetings industry magazine, you know, stories come across the “wire”.. we thought we would be some hip event planner Rolling Stone. That didn’t work out. Now we are here. Good thing.
Keith Johnston is a Managing Partner at i3 Events, an award winning writer, and most important…a meeting planner.

Keith’s focus is helping his clients gain knowledge of trends and technology in the meetings and events industry. Fifteen years of planning strategic meetings, conferences, and incentives for clients worldwide, combined with a deep understanding of how social media, content marketing, and technology impact the attendee experience has been instrumental in giving his clients a significant advantage over their competition.

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Keith Johnston
Managing Partner
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Daniel Kruzel
Director of Digital Innovations
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Fatima Mora
Graphic Designer

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