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Do you want less stress?

PlannerWire | i3 Events was created for you. You… Yep. You. You work every day, doing what you do as an association superhero. The last thing you need is event and conference planning stress. You have other things to do. Like the annual budget. The latest grant proposal. Interviews for a new membership director. The hunt for non-dues revenue. Member education. That kinda stuff. You are already swamped with the work you were meant to do and that is why we are here… To help with the work that you shouldn’t be forced to do.

Let’s get rid of some stress while creating something amazing.

PlannerWire | i3 Events is a collection of the best meeting planners and technology experts that have only one goal, create attendee and sponsor wowing events and conferences. Precision planned with just enough tech to make you seem cutting edge, we help make your conference vision a reality so that the board can breath a sigh of relief… And when they are happy, you are happy. We make you happy.

We pride ourselves on being the conference and event planning agency for associations that are grounded in reality. It is what we do, and we do it well; working worldwide from Chicago. We’ve won awards, traveled the globe, and are always in the pursuit of the perfect attendee experience.

That is who we are, give us a shout to tell us about you

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