A Very Merry Christmas, A Time to Not Think About Meeting Planning

You know, there need to be times when we do not think about work and meeting planning and site visits. You have to take time off to be a “regular person” and turn off the old noggin for a few minutes and really enjoy the things in life that matter.

Case in point are these pictures from the weekend.

I normally keep business and personal seperate for obvious reasons… no one really cares about my personal life and I really don’t care to share it because, contrary to popular belief, I am a pretty boring guy.

These are some pictures of the “Not thinking about meeting planning” me and how I have not missed talking about attrition, contracts, meetings, conferences, planning, social media and everything I do week in and week out.

I hope that everyone that reads this blog had the opportunity to do something like this over the weekend because these moments will be gone forever, in a flash, before we know and guess what… you cannot get them back no matter how hard you try.

I actually stayed off of the computer for almost three days and life did not fall apart.

Happy Holidays everyone, I hope that yours was awesome!


Sledding (2)


And, I had to come back in here this morning and add this image because it is too good to pass up and what the holidays are all about……..Donuts!


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