20 Most Popular Membership Management Software Solutions

I love surfing those crazy interwebs… You just never know what you are gonna find.

The internet can be like walking into the corner grocery for a gallon of milk and walking out with a two boxes of garlic crackers, three bottles of cheap wine and a Janice Joplin CD. Don’t judge… I was just minding my own business, looking for some registration software code and bang, here we are, drinking vino, with stinky breath, jamming to Me and Bobby McGee… In other words, in my hunt for a registration software need, I ran across something really cool about membership software.

You know, its just like going for milk and ending up in New Orleans….

The words “membership management software” can strike fear into the heart of the most battle hardened association person. Most of us have gone down this road and hate even discussing the topic because most solutions are way costly, way stupid, and downright challenging. But, if you have a need, it needs to be discussed because it is something that you are going to be stuck with for awhile.

Wouldn’t it be good to have someone else start the research, that would be awesome wouldn’t it? It would almost be like we were about to head to the store for the milk and the neighbor pops in and offers to go for us AND as a bonus, they will grab the wine, crackers, and good tunes. We can laugh over our luck while we chill the glasses and dust off the patio furniture.

This infographic, created by Capterra, gives a rundown on the top 20 most popular membership management Solutions. They are the kindly neighbor.

A couple of things to note. These are not the 20 best, the 20 most useful, or the 20 most innovative. They are the 20 most popular and we know what that means. Some are popular because they are smart and savvy, and some are popular because they have rich parents and play football. Also, this list does not cover WordPress member management. For that, go see this post by Chris Lema, he knows his crap.

It is up to you to decide which one of these solutions are the real deal and which are the superficial douche-bags. Remember, it is your attention, your time, and your member’s money. Choose because it is the best fit for YOUR association.

Top Membership Management Software

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