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I love it when great people do amazing things, especially when said things really make a difference in the meetings and events industry.

John-FJohn Federico is one of those cool people and not only has he created a work of art (in my humble opinion), his art has the ability to turn event registration and data use on its head. John will make you the master of your own house without having to go into indentured servitude, bankruptcy, or court to get it done. What I am saying is that he made “high function” affordable for the rest of us.

Before you shrug your shoulders and say “whatever Dude, event registration… been there done that and data… what the hell can data do for me”, listen up; Event registration still matters and although data may not hold the key to the success of your conference, data IS the difference between meh and “that event was freaking amazing”.

So, what did John do that was so great? Did he reinvent the wheel? Did he come up with a new way to slice bread? Kinda… He started a company and wrote a book.

The e-book, which is free (John is anything but stupid, the e-book totally promotes his company and his biggest partner. Bravo to good thinking) tells the story of how to use one of the best event registration systems out there (EventBrite), and the data you already collect, to make you the hero of your own little event adventure by combining the two with his platform, EventHero. (A little disclosure, I am one of their meeting planner type advisers, something that I am 100% proud to do).

If you must know, I really don’t care that the book is self promotional because what business / how-to book isn’t? You shouldn’t care because it works and can help any event planner, producer, or registration wonk get shit done in a way that is better and faster while making the overall attendee experience more refined and satisfying. A pretty tall order for a 114 page e-book.

What John is teaching us (yes “us”, I read it and learned a ton of new stuff) is how to use EventBrite to its full potential while sucking out the attendee data goodness to use EventHero to do things like this:

Name Badges: 

  • In two-clicks, you can generate QR-coded name badges that uniquely identify your attendees to each other and to event organizers
  • You can print badges using standard Avery™ stock or have them delivered by an EventHero Certified Partner
  • You might also use my favorite, PC Nametag
  • The bane of all planners, you can also print badges on site using Brother™ label printers and blank badge stock

Lead Retrieval

  • Use their Qrious Lead Retrieval System to allow sponsors and exhibitors to scan badges

Real Time Alerts and Data

  • EventHero Real-Time Alerts allow you to set up the activities that you want to be made aware of like has your keynote made to the conference? Has the conference chair arrived? Did that one problem attendee arrive and you want to get down to the registration desk and head off the confrontation you know is coming… Yeah, it happens to you to and you know it. Now you can do something about it
  • Want to know what attendees attended what session? Boom, done. You can get a text, an email or both for many different circumstances

Multi-Session Attendance Tracking & Analytics

  • Speaking of what attendees attended what session, let’s go bigger and ask how many people checked-in at the door?
  • How many people attended the keynote?
  • How many people were in that new speaker’s workshop?
  • Someone said that track number one was light on attendees this year.. was it?
  • Are people really eligible for continuing education (CE) credits? Now you know
  • You can use any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to know which speakers were most popular, which rooms were too small, which exhibitors were most popular, and which of your attendees were most engaged with the simple swipe of a badge or swipe of a finger.

Access Control

  • Telling which attendees are expo only or full conference, who belongs at the dinner, and who belongs in what session is now as easy as whipping out your smartphone and zapping badges.

All event planning tasks should be this easy… And to top it off (kinda like a cherry on a sundae, although I really hate those little nasty chemical bombs) the cool thing is that all activity data is available in real-time and reports are ready for import into your CRM system (you are using a CRM System right?)…And all for a cost that pretty much anyone can afford. In fact, all of this wonder starts at only $499.00 per event…

Holy crap, I know, right, way cheaper than those “other” solutions out there.

OK, I just got way off track. You can get the e-Book here, all it costs is an email address, which in this day and age is a payment but well worth the price of admission. You can also check out John’s chat with Tamara Mendelsohn, EventBrite’s VP of Marketing by watching the video below.


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