Work and The Holidays

Just wanted to drop a note and let everyone know that I have not fallen off the face of the earth, just a lot going on around here! Have a big event coming up that just now got cooking (it is in a few short weeks) and have a few more that happen right after the first of the year so I need to devote my full concentration and my full attention.

For this reason, PlannerWire is going on hiatus till January 3rd.

I do have some posts that are in the “can” if you will and will probably spread those out over the next few weeks (yes, it is only a 6 weeks!) but I may also save those and have a flurry of activity when I get back in the saddle.

I hope that everyone has a really awesome Holiday Season, regardless of what you celebrate. Be awesome to each other and keep your ear to the tracks…you never know what is coming the line!

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