Using Evernote Reminders

Evernote-RemindersI think that the use of Evernote should be required for everyone in the meetings and events industry. Planners, hoteliers, management, decorators, caterers, and even interns. Evernote is a powerful tool that no productivity software can even touch because it is much more that that. It is productivity, note taking, archiving, and more and more.

Yes, I know that there are productivity suites out there with cool bells and whistles and some of those are even specific to our industry and there are note taking apps that are much easier to master but they will never capture the one thing that Evernote has. Your brain. Evernote works with your brain….

Evernote thinks like you do. That is to say, my Evernote is totally different from your Evernote. How we categorize, tag, and sort is different and Evernote is able to handle that. What is awesome is that Evernote wants to merge with your brain, not replace your brain, and that is what makes it spectacular.

Because of its many features, integrations, and partners, Evernote is pretty near perfect. Pretty near but not spot on. Not quite perfect…. but it is getting close….. and gosh darn it, Evernote just took a step closer to being 100% perfect.

One of the key features that Evernote used to lack is a “reminders” feature. Truthfully, you would think that it would be a no-brainer to add reminders to a productivity / note taking app /suite and I agree, it should be there. In the past it was OK because of the Evernote’s other strengths. Evernote power-users created workarounds for reminders and for anything else that Evernote lacks because the rest of the program is too good to give up. Much like a river that floods, we hit a levee and then just find a way to go around.

But a funny thing is happening. As Evernote grows, so does the base of users. The average use is no longer a power-user, the average user is now just everyday folk that are simply looking for something that works out of the box. They are not the river and they are not being blocked by a levee. They don’t even want to see a levee or any other stupid analogy. They just want to turn on their computer and have something that is ready to rock and roll and help them organize their life and their work.

Shut up dumb analogy guy, get with the program and get us some reminders would ya….

I think that this was the motivation for the Evernote team to create a reminders feature and once it rolled out a couple of months ago, even the power users were stoked. Again the Evernote team smacks one out of the park and makes their tool even more indispensable.

I wanted to find an easy way to learn about the reminders feature so that I had a good understanding and was able to communicate the cool new addition to my in-house planners and my clients…. Enter the Evernote team yet again with a great little video how-to…..

For those of you that are using Evernote, catch this video on features and start putting reminders to use. If you are not using Evernote, head over and get it. To learn the basics of the program, I recommend the Evernote Bible (Mastering Evernote, the Two Hour Guide). This is the best way to get up to speed.