The Past is the Future for Your Event

A week ago Sunday, I caught a tweet from @susanlynncope and this is what it read:

{Blogged} The Future is the Past http://www.susanlynncope.com/blog/2011/the-future-is-the-past/ cc @KateHolmes80

This little tweet linked to her post about her friends and experiences and how they have made her the person that she is today. I think that this is true for everyone… every experience that I have had, both good and bad, have made me the dude that sits here typing. They have made me the person that now looks back with a smile on my face.

Looking back is also a good thing for meetings and events, you should take the time to look back at past conferences, events, and incentives and learn what worked and what did not, what did your attendees like, love and hate.

If you treat your conference or event as a person, it can look back at its own past and learn how to become something better, something that is indispensable and something that attendees love.. and want to return to again and again.

Just like a real person, your event can be shaped by what has happened throughout its life, the Past is the Future of Your Event. What you learn from looking back can tell you one of the greatest stories ever told, the question is… are you listening?

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