The Friday Five – October 19th

I hope that this week was a productive one kiddies. As this post hits those interwebs, I will just about be wheels up for a site inspection trip to Norfolk, VA. More on that next week. .. including some pictures.

In the meantime, here are 5 awesome posts that are going to make you a kick ass meeting planner.

Sharing Your Photography On the Web

OK. This post or one like it should be a must read for every association and other event having people that never seem to be able to get their images onto their website after their event comes to a close. I am not really sure why some events and conferences even bother with a photographer because all of the images end up stuffed in the virtual equivalent of the shoebox in the closet. You hire a photographer you should be putting all of those images to use the day after the event closes.

Sharing images on the web is not hard, you just need to learn how to do it and understand that it is important.

Oh, and if you are using WordPress as your event website CMS, here is a link to a PlugIn that will let you showcase images from 500px.

Three Things to Consider When Choosing an Event Mobile App

One of my most favorite event peeps Jenise Fryatt does two things in this post.

  • One, she has a great interview at IMEX with Stefania Conti-Vecchi from Eventagist about mobile apps for events. This is something that many events and conferences struggle with so this is good stuff.
  • Two, Jenise may not realize it but she has just shown every event producer in the WORLD how they could be using video at their events. Seriously, this is how it is done. Have a camera, record a video, post to the web and then it gets shared like this. Every event marketer that thinks they need some slick intro, editing and fancy camera needs to think about something… I shared Jenise’s video because it was real, genuine and had awesome information.

Beyond the Surface: Microsoft Goes Apple 

There are a lot of Apple Fanboys out there that are going to want to smack me but I am actually hoping that Windows 8 and the Surface Tablet are a huge success. All of my clients run Windows; the world runs Windows and even my Mom uses Windows… why not hope for a successful slate of products that everyone can use?

If you have not been keeping up with the guys from Redmond, they are kicking some arse right now. Windows 7 works well, integrates with their file sync / share Skydrive and I have been having a great time using the Office 2013 pre-release. I have nothing but high hopes that Windows 8 will lead to even more success.

Skype Virus Alert- Rogue Links Coming from Your EXISTING Contacts 

OK, meetings and events are a global endeavor and because of this, I use Skype a whole lot with clients, vendors, staff and collaborators. A virus coming through this network just sucks… if you use Skype, learn more.

Will Your Social Media Service Tell You When It Hits The Iceberg? 

This is a serious must read if your conference or event relies on services like FeedBurner, Twitter, Facebook, or even Cloud Storage. Let me rephrase that… GO and READ this post NOW.

The crux is this. If you use a free service, you are the one that is responsible for knowing what you will do if it ends, closes, gets sold, or just croaks. YOU, not them. Because of this you need to be vigilant and have options.

With all of the rumblings that FeedBurner is going to bite it, PlannerWire is actually moving in just a couple of weeks. Readers are too important to trust to a service that might bite the big one with no notice.

OK! Another week in the can, I hope to be sharing some great images from my Norfolk site visit on Monday…

Image: FlyingLester 


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