The Friday Five for June 24, 2011

Here are 5 things that you should be reading this week from the world of Meetings and Events –


Not Safe For Conferences (NSFC): Marginal Presentations

Jeff Hurt is one of our Favs here and you should have him on your RSS speed dial. In case you don’t, this is a link to one of his posts from this week that talks about the need to up the presentation value at your conference or event.

Online Communication: How Do You Keep It Real in a Virtual Space?

Jenise Fryatt is keeping it real!

Events 2.0: The 4 Secrets of Fully Engaging Your Attendees

Peter Straube is one of our new favorites here at PlannerWire, no hints on this one, Click Through to read the post!

5 Ways to Build a Following by Giving Something Away

Social Media Examiner can really push your meeting or event blog over the top, this is an example of why

Tip: How to live blog a public conference session without going crazy

This is a tip from Adrian (via EdAccess) that is so simple we were kinda pissed we did not think of it (but glad we know it now!)

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