The Friday Five and a Google Plus Cheat Sheet

OK, another week has passed us by and what are we looking at this week? I was able to get an article written for Plan Your Meetings and got the best feedback EVER for something I have written….. This is the tweet that totally made my day. I will post a link to the article when it goes live!

I confirmed that I will be speaking at EIBTM in Barcelona. Here is a snip of my session:

Using new techniques, including the use of technology and new participative formats are excellent ways to freshen up your congress. But with innovation and new approaches come dangers.

Looking at real life events Keith will explore how you can ensure you minimise risks and ensure that innovation works.

A couple of things also happened that should be a lesson to everyone. I had a really great conversation with @RaciPlace AKA Traci Gregory just to shoot the shit (what a great lady by the way) and I completed and order for 500 lanyards and biodegradable badge holders from @heidithorne of Promo With Purpose. There is nothing special about a conversation or an order until you realize that they are both a direct result of social media, specifically Twitter…. that is some cool shit people.

Oh, and I got a new pair of shoes.

Enough about me! Let’s get on to the reason that you are here. These here are five links that will make you a better meeting and event professional.

Don’t forget the new guy

Lately there has been a lack of social media info for the new guy. Jenise kicks yet more online ass by reminding us to not forget the newbies!

4 Ways to Use Social Media to Engage Newbies at Conferences & Events

Facebook is not a savior

Francisco tells it like it is and you had better heed his advice. Facebook is amazing, but it ain’t all that. I also happen to agree with everything that he says on this matter.

6 Reasons Why You Should NOT Put All Your Eggs In The Facebook Basket

You can try new formats

A few weeks ago, Adrian was at EventCamp Twin Cities and put down his thoughts on organizing Pecha Kucha sessions. Here is a thought. At your next boring ass conference try one session in this format… just one… and see what your audience thinks.

Tips for organizing Pecha Kucha sessions

We all have an inner child

The next time you are getting all up in your shit about how “oh so stressful” your life as a meeting planner can be, go back and read Susan’s post about your inner six year old. Life is so serious because you choose to make it that way, not because of the reality you are currently in.

Coloring Outside of the Lines

The winds of change

Facebook is officially fucking with your life again, you might as well learn what to do about it.

Five Facebook Changes and What You Need to Know

Added bonus!

This is a Google + Cheat Sheet that was created by Simon Laustsen. I have Simon in my Circles and you should too. If you would like to add him, here is a link to Simon’s profile.

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