The Friday 5 for October 21

Hope everyone had an awesome week!

I was fortunate to speak at the PYMLive event here in Chicago. My topic was “Why meeting and event websites should use WordPress”… something that I am totally passionate about and it was great to see that many planners in the audience agreed and were looking to learn more…

Now if we can just break everyone of the “if it costs more it must be better syndrome”.

You could not beat the location, the event took place at the Signature Room at the 95th way up high over the hustle and bustle of the city streets below. The event was well attended even with the gale force winds, weather warnings and rain blowing in sheets……That says a lot for the programs that PYM puts on….. people will walk a mile through the muck to get there!

At the event, I was fortunate to finally meet the amazing Samuel J Smith in person, someone I have followed for a long time on Twitter and it is always awesome to see Lisa Krauss another of my favorite people (that’s a hint, click on the links and go follow them!).

Anyway, on to why we are all actually here……………

Here are 5 links that will make you better at your job in the meetings and events industry:

For this article replace small business with conference and you get the idea:

  • Simple Tip to Increase Your Small Business Revenue (bummer, link is now gone)

When you are fishing for attendees, did you stock the boat correctly?

  • Marketing Strategy – Choosing the Right Bait

Seriously, there are some crappy t-shirts roaming the globe. I wrote about this a long time ago and here is some reinforcement

Replace customer with attendee and company with event

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