The Friday 5 for July 1, 2011

Hot Dogs and Meeting Planning

I hope that all of our readers in the US enjoy the Holiday weekend, I know that I will. This weekend will be filled with music, hot dogs and hot weather, just like the 4th is supposed to be!

Here are 5 article picks for you to chow down on over the long weekend.

This is a great post showing us that yes, the booking windows for events are getting shorter and shorter.

Is This The New Norm For Meeting Planning?

Next Up, Jeff Hurt shows us what your conference can learn from the mall. Love Jeff and his posts, I find that we are on the same page with a lot of things and this is no exception.

Mall Science: What Your Conference Can Learn From The Mall

Moving on, the next post is probably old already because I am sure that they have fixed the glass problem but holy crap… what if your meeting was scheduled to start on the day this happened. This may go down as a contingency that you just cannot plan for.

Glass problem prompts W Hotel Austin to temporarily close

OK – the system works for Southwest Airlines and I am not really sure how, it just does. When will American and the other carriers learn that it is actually more effective to board from the back and just work your way forward…. that is the easiest way to do it yet they think that they have to tinker with shit just to piss us off.

New boarding procedures lead to chaos in the cabin

Finally, we are on to Duct Tape Marketing and what Google + may mean for business… and yes, your event is a business.

Google+ Offers Great Business Potential

Image – KitchenProject.com

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