The Friday 5 for August 16 2013


Well! This is the return of the Friday 5 (finally!). For those of you that are new around here, the Friday 5 is where I share 5 interesting things that I have seen across those damn interwebs. I don’t go into detail, I just give a little synopsis of what you will find interesting about the whatever it is I am sharing…. You gotta click through to get the whole story.

Event Tech of the Week: @memory_meld

Liz King is one cool person who loves great event tech as much as I do. This post she is talking up Memory Meld which allows you to collect and share images from your attendees (cool right…..)

A Lifelong Fight for Human Rights in Russia

Right now, in Russia, there is some pretty scary shit going down for the LGBT community. As an industry, it is time to start thinking about where we host our events. I feel that if a destination does not meet your standards on how you treat your fellow man, you should probably take that destination off your list. What is happening now in Russia is a disgrace, they are actually turning the clock backward for humanity.

Dbinbox Gives Your Dropbox Account an Inbox Anyone Can Upload To

Dropbox is awesome. We use it to store and share event and conference presentations and this tool will allow speakers (or anyone) the ability to upload directly to your DropBox account. This might eliminate some pricey solutions that are out there.

Tips for timelines, and maintaining your sanity

We are planners. Events run on a strict timeline. Read this article.

Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot (Sprint)

Mobile hotspots kick ass. They allow you to keep on working whereever you are. Here is one that PC Mag reviews for the Sprint Network.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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