The Friday 5 – December 7

Well, it is almost the end of the year. That means holiday shopping, parties, and catching up on my business book reading. I am almost finished with Traci Browne’s “The Social Trade Show” and I can safely recommend it before I am even done. Go grab a copy, there is a link from her blog.

Without much ado (I am on my way to a meeting), here is today’s Friday 5. We have some from a couple of newcomers to the list and three old favorites.

I think that Apple does one of the best jobs of marketing products ever in the history of, well, history. Beyond just the marketing, Jeff has some lessons you can learn from them as well.

  • Conference Lessons You Can Learn From Apple

Seriously, how can I leave out Liz’s post that puts PlannerWire on par with two of the best industry blogs out there. I don’t want to pull a Wayne’ World but “We’re Not Worthy!!!”.

  • LKE’s Top 3 Event Planning Blogs

Online stuff is great, the food you serve is important, and of course speakers matter but what will make or break you is lighting and sound. This guest post by Oliver Carding on Jenise’s blog can get your going in the right direction.

OK, If you are not playing to Tablet and Mobile users with conference handouts, apps, and interaction, you are going to be left out to dry pretty soon, looking like a tumbleweed from some old western movie.

Now that you have gone mobile and have the freaking kick ass app that is slaying the conference world and making the ladies swoon and the men faint, you might want to make sure that you have a good privacy policy.

Speaking of Wayne’s World


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