The Friday 5 and Proof Print is out of Date

OK! What an awesome week.

I was able to venture to Detroit on a fact finding mission for a couple of clients and the reports of Detroit’s demise are largely untrue. What we found was a vibrant, hopeful city where everyone is working for a better future in spite of their asshat governor.

I will share my Detroit experience hopefully next week but here is a word of warning to conference and convention centers around the globe— Cobo is getting a MASSIVE upgrade and the internet is FREE.

Yep, the internet is free. That means that the fine folks at Cobo and SMG (management company) understand that internet service is a cost of doing business, not a profit center.

Kudos to them and to every single person and business that makes Detroit their home and refuses to give up on the old girl, she still has a lot of life left!

Here is the Friday 5 for October 14th

Finally, I would like to take a minute to ponder why people still print brochures and programs for their events (yes some of my clients still do).  It is like some people want to remain in the dark ages and not come to terms with technology or perhaps, they simply have a deep hatred of trees.

Thanks to someone (not sure who), I came across this video that shows that someday, there will be no more brochures, programs or (stupid) association print magazines (I did not say that the magazine or content was stupid, I was referring to the antique delivery method).



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