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You’re a project manager, but you started out in creative and while you’re good at delegating work, sometimes you wish you could be part of the team again. You want to produce the good stuff, not just chase your team down to make sure they get things done. Not to mention, organization is so important for you, your team, your clients, the way of the world; without it, where would we be? Ok, so it sounds like you need project management software that will help you organize, visualize, and track your team’s workflow, and give you back the time you spend delegating so you can produce brilliant work and make clients happy. Sounds like you need Wrike. Wrike is a cloud-based collaboration and project management solution that makes managing multiple projects easy from start to finish. From your client’s initial request through easy to track workflow organization and continuous client communication all the way to the final results and reporting, Wrike has you covered. And for the creative inside all of us, Wrike has an awesome extension for Adobe Creative that will easily integrate your work with your workflow. Let me hear ya cheer: Wrike, Wrike, Wrike!

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