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Gosh darn it! You know you received that important email from your boss with this week’s agenda and meeting schedule, but somehow it got lost among all the holiday deals you signed up for once upon a time. You don’t need a coupon, you need your important work update, but where oh where could that little dog be? Sounds like you might want to use Unroll.Me to bring order back to your inbox. Unroll.Me reduces your inbox clutter by helping you unsubscribe from all those junk emails with one easy click. Now wait a second?! Did I hear you quietly mumble that there are some subscriptions and coupons you do want, just not all up in your face every time you check your email? Completely understandable. With Unroll.Me you can also combine all the subscriptions you want and receive them in a neatly organized digest cleverly named the Rollup.

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