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Time is precious, time is money, time is our greatest asset, and now time is trackable. Completely automatically trackable. The Timely app is the time tracking tool you’ve been missing as you’ve missed deadlines, missed clocked hours, missed out on time management. Timely helps you and your team organize and schedule your time in advance and then track the hours spent on each task and project. With Timely you can plan weeks in advance or add tasks when you choose by using Timely’s drag-and-drop feature to easily change time blocks throughout your calendar and adjust as your schedule and workflow shifts. Timely has tons of widgets that it can sync with so that you can track the time you spend traveling, emailing, in meetings, on calls, and doing just about anything else, and it works seamlessly across platforms as it syncs everything in real time. Timely takes the time out of timesheets, time logging, and time management, so I’d say it’s time to give Timely a try.

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