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When was the last time your snarky barista put salt in your coffee instead of sugar and you went running back for another briny cup of joe? Can’t recall? That’s because you and all the other customers out there won’t return to a business that you’ve had a bad experience with, and you don’t let your friends return either. That is exactly why good customer relationships are the key to any successful business operation. SugarCRM values the individual, not just the dollars they bring forward, so they offer personalized service, making every customer feel worthwhile and valued. With its flexible platform, SugarCRM provides you with the tools you need to solve your business problems and manage your customers. From marketing to sales and customer support to analytics, SugarCRM is the CRM solution that has your back by having your customer’s backs. Time to sweeten your customer relationships with a little bit of sugar, SugarCRM that is.

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