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If your anything like your nephew or his friends growing up in the 90s, you’ve Bopped It, Pulled It, Flicked It, Twisted It, Spun It, and now that you are a high-profile executive it’s time to learn how to SnagIt! SnagIt is an amazing tool that makes capturing videos and images on your computer quick and easy. With SnagIt you can annotate screenshots with text, arrows, stamps, highlights, and more, snag panoramic images by scrolling around a large page, and create a personalized screen video or animated GIF. SnagIt makes it super easy to save to multiple formats, share with your team across different devices, or publish to a variety of cloud platforms. You can also use SnagIt to expedite repetitive jobs and batch processing like creating watermarks and resizing. So go ahead, just SnagIt!

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