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Ever been engaged? Not engaged to be married! Engaged while at a conference or event. More often than not people are checked out, minds a-wondering, toes a-tapping, itching to get to the snack table before the flies eat all the cheese, or they are just plain terrified of making their voices heard in such a large public setting. Let’s make your next event the stand out exception by captivating your audience and keeping attendees actively involved, even the shy ones. Sli.do is an easy to use web app that engages audiences by giving them a voice through their phone, tablet, or computer. With Sli.do audiences can easily ask questions and vote on which ones they’d like to discuss from any device. As the event planner you can crowdsource the best questions from your audience for your audience and filter inappropriate questions with the moderator feature. When people feel heard, they feel engaged and when attendees are engaged you get the information and helpful discussions you need. Will you marry me?

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