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There’s no question singing telegrams are loads of fun, but not the most effective or efficient way to run your company’s social media campaign. Here’s a fun alternative: ScheduGram. With ScheduGram, posting to your company’s Instagram account has never been easier or more effective. ScheduGram helps you upload images and videos from your computer or Dropbox account and automatically converts them to a usable Instagram format that you can choose to crop, resize, or add stickers or filters to before posting. Post right away, or save them in your queue and set the day and time you want them to go public. Changing the queue is as easy as drag-and-drop, and you can choose which of the many ScheduGram layouts works for you to keep your content organized. And to keep things unified, you can manage multiple accounts from the ScheduGram interface and allow unlimited users to collaborate in managing your accounts. And now for the jingle: I am your singing ScheduGram, I’ll post images to your Instagram. Alright, I’ll stick to my day job.

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