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You want your next event to be more than just another event, right? You want it to leave lasting impressions and promote relationships and dialogue. You want it to stand out in every attendee’s mind as the most fun and engaging event of the year. You want it to have flow and progress with confidence and ease. Damn straight you do! Quickmobile is ready to transform that vision into an event planner’s reality. Quickmobile is an event planning app that will ensure you create a meaningful and memorable experience for all your guests. The app equips guests with the full 4-1-1 and helps attendees prioritize presentations and meetings. With the Quickmobile app, you can promote your event and make sure it generates a ton of buzz before the big day. And when all is said and done, Quickmobile offers you all the in depth analytics you need to revel in the success of the event of the year.

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